Bunn ICB Infusion Brewer – Stainless, Dual Voltage


Bunn ICB Infusion Brewer – Stainless, Dual Voltage

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Bunn ICB Infusion Series Coffee Brewer-Dual Voltage

1 gallon brewer

Detailed Product Description:

  • Brews 5.1 to 11.9 gallons (19.3 to 45 litres) of perfect coffee per hour
  • BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for multiple recipes from one footprint — with three brew buttons and two batch sizes
  • Large 3-gallon tank provides back-to-back brewing capacity at 208-240V applications
  • Dual voltage adaptable – Can operate at 120V/15 amp or 120/208-240V/20 amp
  • Sleek modernized design language, with rounded angles on the corners and trunk
  • Three brew buttons allow for 3 separate brewing profiles. Two programmable batch switches allow full and half batch brewing
  • The exclusive Peak Extraction® Sprayhead provides improved uniformity of extraction and greater resistance to limescale buildup
  • Digital readout displays in English, Spanish, or French —for easier programming and control— and can show either ‘Standard’ or Metric measurements. Digital readout also shows machine status, and targeted advertising messages can be programmed for display
  • USB programming capable
  • Brew counter keeps track of how many batches are brewed
  • Pre-infusion and pulse brew for maximum flavor extraction. Cold brew lockout & digital temperature control further ensure top-notch brewing.
  • The ICB can brew directly into a 1 gallon (3.8 litre) airpot or a 1 or 1.5 gallon (5.68 litre) baseless ThermoFresh® server for easy transport of coffee to other locations

Servers sold separately.

Designed to brew into the following 1 gallon airpot and 1 gallon and 1.5 gallon (3.8 and 5.7 litre) ThermoFresh® Baseless servers:

Bunn 3.8L Airpot
Bunn 1.5 gallon ThermoFresh Baseless Server
Bunn 1.5 gallon Digital ThermoFresh Baseless Server
Bunn 1 gallon ThermoFresh Baseless Server
Bunn 1 gallon Digital ThermoFresh Baseless Server

  • BrewWISE® intelligence with pre-infusion and Pulse-Brew™ for maximum flavor extraction. Grinder communicates with brewer through Smart Funnel®
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
  • Automatic
  • Stainless Décor
  • Stainless Steel Funnel

Use Bunn Coffee Filter #20138

Use water filter Easy Clear® EQHP-10 or Easy Clear® EQHP-10L.

Cord attached for connection to 120V

Electrical: Dual Voltage – 120 volt model requires 2-wires plus ground service rated 120V, single phase, 60Hz. An internal terminal block is configured for connection to a 3-wire plus ground.
Plumbing: 20-90 psi (138-621 kPa). Supplied with 3?8″ male flare fitting
Size: 26.1″H X 10.19″W x 22.42″D
Weight: 48 pounds
Warranty:Circuit boards: 3 years parts and labor; All other parts: 2 years parts and 1 year labor

Additional information

Weight48 lbs