Bunn Trifecta – Silver


Bunn Trifecta – Silver

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Bunn Trifecta – Silver

Single Cup Brewing Experience

For the barista, the Trifecta offers the opportunity to capture the nuances of micro-lot and single origin coffees by producing a distinct single cup of coffee with the flavor profile for that bean at that time. By controlling the parameters of the three phases of the process, you have the opportunity to create an individual experience by producing a unique, deep, amplified cup of coffee.

Three Easy Steps for a perfect coffee experience:
1: Wetting – The saturation of coffee grounds can be controlled to get the percentage of water and pause appropriate for that coffee.
2: Extraction – Air is injected into a pressurized chamber so that the grounds are agitated. The result: uniformity of extraction and a complex beverage that will be enjoyed by a coffee lover.
3: Hydrolysis – Air presses the beverage through a metal screen that filters out coffee grounds while preserving coffee oils and aromatics for a deep-bodied coffee experience.

Interesting article about the Trifecta: NY Times article

Detailed Product Features

Electrical: 2-wires plus ground service rated 120V, single phase, 60Hz.
Plumbing: 20-90 psi (138-621 kPa). Supplied with 1⁄4” male flare fitting
Size: 26.75"H x 11.9"W x 11.9"D
Weight: 42 pounds
Warranty: Circuit boards: 3 years parts and labor; All other parts: 2 years parts and 1 year labor

Additional information

Weight42 lbs


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