Curtis G3 Concept Series Primo Cappuccino Machine


Curtis G3 Concept Series Primo Cappuccino? Machine


Curtis G3 Concept Series Primo Cappuccino Machine – Multi-Flavor, One Station

Instant Cappuccino Machine makes instant cappuccino, latte or espresso-flavored drinks

Beautifully styled and digitally advanced, there’s never been anything like the all-new Expressions Multi-Flavor Beverage Dispenser from Curtis. With endless flavor combinations, Curtis has incorporated the industry’s most advanced digital technology G3 ADS into the new Multi-Flavor Machine. It?s this G3 technology that dramatically simplifies use and minimizes maintenance costs.

Detailed Product Description:

Mix and dispense 12 drinks from only 5 ingredients. Machine has 1-10 pound hopper for base product and 4 – 2 hoppers for flavors.

G3 Digital Control Module – Provides precise control over all critical blending and dispensing functions.

Custom design and programing for each unique flavor dispense.

Large LCD digital display ? allows for easy Scroll-through precision programming as well as on-board diagnostics.

Compact design requires only 14.5″ of counter space.

Large, customizable, backlighted graphic display and flavor labels.

Easy access front door with hinged panel simplifies powder refills and maintenance.

Easy-Serve dispensing tube with large Capacity drip tray – Integral guide positions cup directly below dispensing spout. Dual Overflow via-ducts indicate when drip tray should be drained.

Touch-Button Hot Water Cleaning System – Simple, one button operation sends a powerful blast of hot water into the whipper chamber, rinsing it for easy clean-up and reducing powder build up.

Angled Whipping Chamber and Brake-Type Auger Motors – To ensure perfect drinks, powder augers feature a brake-type motor that accurately stops the dispensing process at the set ratio every time. Angled chamber drain liquids far better to significantly reduce cleaning requirements.

Digital Temperature Control precisely senses water temperature and level to maximize energy
efficiency and prevent heating element burnout.

Fixed-Flow Water System ensures precise drink blending regardless of irregularities in water pressure/volume.

Easy Access Front – Open Door with inside hinged panel simplies powder fills and maintenance.

Angled Whipping – Chamber and Brake-Type Auger Motors ensure perfect drinks – powder augers feature a brake-type motor that accurately stops the dispensing process at your set ratio every time; angled chamber drain liquids far
better to signicantly reduce cleaning requirements.

Specialty concentrated product is required for use

Plugs into regular 120V outlet

Export voltages available

Electrical: 120V / 1800W / 15A
Plumbing: 1/4″ Flare Water Line; 30-80 psi Water Line Pressure
Size: 34-1/2″H x 14-1/2″W x 26-1/4″D
Weight: 80 pounds
Warranty: 3-years electronic components, 2-years non-electronic components, 1-year labor.

Additional information

Weight90 lbs