Frucosol GF-1000 Glass Froster


Frucosol GF-1000 Glass Froster

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Frucosol GF-1000 Glass Froster

The Frucosol GF-1000 Glass Freezer freezes and sterilizes glasses and cups in a few seconds with minimal noise and no dripping. It’s the perfect tool for making drinks without ice cubes such as cocktails, champagnes and white wines.

Detailed Product Features

  • Attractive Design – bell-shape design with led lights (activated with CO2 gas).
  • Better Drinks – no ice cubes means no dilution of drinks and no aftertaste.
  • No Electrical Connection Needed – power is supplied by AA batteries.

In our testing of this machine, it takes 2 rounds of chilling (where each round is about 5 seconds) to chill a martini or champagne glass. For a slightly thicker cocktail glass, it takes 3 rounds of chilling. Beer glasses are generally to thick to frost correctly. The chilling is done in rounds so that the glass can be exposed to the moisture in the air that allows for the frosting effect.

Stainless steel construction

Uses CO2 liquid gas cylinder with dip tube

Dimensions: 5.25 in (w) x 10.75 in (d) x 16.25 in (h)
Weight: 10 lbs.
Electrical: 2/AA batteries
Origin: Spain
Warranty: Parts for 12 months from date of delivery

Price includes free shipping to continental US address.

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