Frucosol Self-Service Citrus Juicer


Frucosol Self-Service Citrus Juicer

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Frucosol Self-Service Citrus Juicer

The Frucosol Self-Serve easily produces lots of top-quality citrus juice in a stunningly designed, technically-advanced machine. Simply press the faucet and the squeezing mechanism will start to produce freshly-squeezed juice. Provides an excellent presentation for any restaurant, bar or coffee shop.

Detailed Product Features

• Quality Fresh Juice – Juice is produced with gentle squeezing and minimal manipulation of the fruits, which results in less bitter compounds in the fresh juice.

•Quality Construction – An attractive stainless steel housing and lots of technical features packed into a solid, beautiful machine. A simple design and only a few moving parts means less problems.

•Open Design – The front opening allows for easy viewing of the natural squeezing process.

•Self-Serve Design – Customers can activate machine and get freshly-squeezed juice simply by pressing the faucet.

•Stainless Steel Cabinet – The stainless steel cabinet has a glasses rack with adjustable positions for holding either glasses or bottles of various dimensions.


Tested and Certified by ETL

Production: 20-25 fruits/minute

Fruit Diameter: all sizes up to 3.5 inches

Automatic Shut-off Sensors for safety

Dimensions: 29.5 in (w) x 28 in (d) x 68.5 in (h)
Weight: 200 lbs.
Electrical: 120V/250W/60 Hz
Feeder Capacity: 26 lbs.
Origin: Spain
Warranty: Parts for 12 months from date of delivery

Price includes free shipping to continental US address.