Grindmaster RAPS400: Twin Airpot/Shuttle Brewer


Grindmaster RAPS400: Twin Airpot/Shuttle Brewer


Grindmaster RAPS400: Twin Airpot/Shuttle Brewer

Automatic Twin Airpot/Shuttle Brewer with Airpot, Shuttle® and Warmer

The Grindmaster Shuttle brewers consistently deliver perfect brewed coffee. The simple-to-operate brewing control panel offers different brewing capabilities and includes a hot water faucet. The air gap insulated Shuttles® hold 1.5 gallons of fresh brewed coffee, featuring an easy-to-see sight glass. The Shuttles allow fresh brewed coffee to be transported safely and easily. The brewers are designed for fast access to components and ease of service.

The Grindmaster Model RAPS200 brews into(1) 1/2 gallon (5.7 L) shuttle or (1) airpot up to 3.0 L.

Includes: (1) single brewer, stainless steel brew basket and legs, (1) 3.0L Airpot (AAP-3), (1) base with warmer (ACW-1), (1) Shuttle® (ACS-LL)

Detailed Product Description:

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Use the shuttle for high volume demands and the airpot for specialty coffees
  • Fast brew-time: 4 minutes brew time per shuttle, 2 minutes per 3.0 L airpot
  • 1 1/2 gallon(5.7L) coffee capacity per Shuttle
  • Radiant heat, air-insulated, 1-1/2 gal. 5.7L) CS-1 Shuttles® make transporting easy and keep coffee fresh & hot
  • Insulated handles ensure Shuttles® are safe and easy to carry
  • Shuttle® lid locks in place while transporting
  • Ready to Brew light
  • Large 3 1/2″ wide Stainless Sprayhead and Hot Water Faucet included

Stainless Décor

Export voltages available

Airpots Not Included – Click Here for Grindmaster Airpots

Shuttle® Not Included – Click Here for Grindmaster Shuttle

Electrical: 240V / 6600W / 28A
Size: 32-1/2″ x 20-1/2″ x 18″
Weight: 100 pounds
Warranty: 2 years parts and 1 year labor

Additional information

Weight100 lbs


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