Newco AKH-AP Pourover Airpot Coffee Brewer


Newco AKH-AP Pourover Airpot Coffee Brewer

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Newco AKH-AP Pourover Airpot Coffee Brewer

Pourover Airpot Coffee Brewer

Detailed Product Description:

Brews into Airpots

Heat Pump System – uses a heat pump system rather than the traditional displacement hot water
tank system. Only heats the amount of water that is poured into the brewer

Fresh Water System – fresh cold water retains more oxygen for fresher taste, and brews at a much hotter temperature, which results in better coffee extraction

Faster Brew Times are achieved with this system due to advanced technology built into the delivery system which allows for continuous, uninterrupted flow of water

Energy Savings – brewing system is designed to be on only when the coffee is brewing. This benefit reduces energy consumption up to 70%

Ready Light – provides visual notification to user as to when brewer is at optimum temperature

Stainless Steel Cabinet – provides stability and durability.

Private Labeling – available for brewer faceplate

Plugs into regular 120V outlet

Export voltages available

Airpots Not Included – Click Here for Newco Airpots

Use Newco Filter #100549

Electrical: 120V / 1775W / 14.8A
Size: 24″H x 8-1/2″W x 17-3/4″D
Weight: 25 pounds
Warranty: 1 years parts and labor

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Weight25 lbs