Newco GXF-P Automatic Airpot Coffee Brewer


Newco GXF-P Automatic Airpot Coffee Brewer

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Newco GXF-P Automatic Airpot Coffee Brewer

Automatic Airpot Coffee Brewer

Detailed Product Description:

Brews into 1.9L or 2.2L Airpots

Visa-Brew – this function helps to communicate to the user that a brew cycle is in process. Once a brew cycle begins, a brewing lamp flashes for an adjustable period of time to help prevent the removal of a brewbasket or serving vessel prematurely

PDS Valve – Newco?s exclusive porcelain flow control valve ensures extremely accurate pot levels, brew after brew

Patented Modular Design – with the GX brewer?s cabinet design, the unit can be easily changed to brew into virtually any vessel on the market, simply by changing the base

Gravity Hot Water Faucet System – dispenses hot water while brewing without altering the brew volume.

Stainless Steel Cabinet – provides stability and durability.

Versatile Faceplate Design – the GX brewer has the built-in capability to brew three separate volumes (ie. 12-24-36 cups). With the unit?s unique faceplate design, the volume switch can either be hidden or revealed depending upon the vessel you choose to brew into

Dual Voltage – can be used with 120V or 240V

Back-Up Pourover – can use without hooking up to a waterline

Export voltages available

Airpots Not Included – Click Here for Newco Airpots

Electrical: 120/240V / 1375/5500W / 11.5/22.9A
Plumbing: 1/4″ Flare Water Line; 20-90 psi Water Line with minimum flow rate of 1.5 GPM.
Size: 25.1″H x 9.5″W x 19″D
Weight: 38 pounds
Warranty: 1 years parts and labor

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Weight38 lbs